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Gonnie Klabbers

Teacher, PhD,
School for Public health and Primary Care, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Gonnie Klabbers is a lecturer in the Global Health program at Maastricht University. She is also the program’s thesis coordinator, responsible for helping students find a thesis research project based on their interests, prior education, and future career plans. Klabbers also tutors in several courses, and trains in research methodology, specifically in quantitative modelling techniques, and coordinates the course, New Biology/New Society.

With degrees in Physiotherapy, Work and Health, and a PhD focusing on psychosocial pathways underlying socioeconomic health inequalities, Klabbers has learned to view
health from different angles, acknowledging the complexity in maintaining good health or improving poor health. Klabbers’ main global health interest lies in the area of social health inequalities, which are increasing worldwide under the influence of the current political and economic climate.