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Symposium day 6: Expanding our knowledge of Indian culture

Global health students attending a dance workshop at the symposium in Manipal

April 27, 2019
By The Student Communications Committee

Today's day of the Global Health Symposium saw students taking advantage of optional workshops to expand their knowledge of Indian culture. Workshops focused on Indian philosophy, Indian cooking, Indian dance and hand art.

Hand art workshop
Michelle Kusters, a 24 year old student at Maastricht University attended the Hand Art Workshop, where participants learned about the history of Henna. “It started as a way for people to protect their skin from the burning desert sun in different parts of the world,” Kusters says. “Only afterwards, it evolved into being a practice for aesthetic purposes, and we're very happy for it.” 

Indian philosophy lecture
For those pursuing a deeper understanding of Buddhist theology, the Indian Philosophy workshop provided an opportunity for students to put on their thinking caps and
engage in an enlightening discussion. Guided by Mr. Mrinal Kaul, an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Religious Studies at MAHE, students explored the concepts of karma and moksha, among other fascinating topics. Limited to a three-hour timeframe, the discussion could have easily been carried further, given that it clearly fuelled the curiosity of all those in attendance. Nonetheless, the session definitely left students with a more in depth understanding of Indian philosophy, and an increased capacity for pursuing deeper thought.

Lessons from cooking
If you truly want to succeed in creating that one special Indian dish that you've been trying to put together for so long, you might want to reconsider precisely following the list of ingredients and specific measurements from your best Indian cook book, and take the advice of the Indian chef leading today's’ cooking workshop:
“Indian cuisine is about one thing only: just follow your heart!”