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Symposium day 10: More community visits and a tutor's perspective

GH students in Manipal on a community visit

May 1, 2019

It's been another exciting day of learning and hard work, with community visits and an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the Indian health care system.

Reproductive and child health
Today, cluster groups had their third community visit. Within the reproductive and child health cluster, groups travelled in and around Udupi to visit sites integral to the Indian healthcare system. Another group visited the local Anganwadi Center, where students were exposed to the national health policy where children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers are given nutritious foods to combat malnutrition, especially anaemia. This group particularly appreciated being able to see the young and playful pre-schoolers, where they performed a small dance for the group as they were leaving. Another group ventured towards the coast, where they visited an urban women’s health clinic to learn about maternal and women’s primary healthcare.

Students noted seeing many different types of healthcare workers, including doctors, social workers, and medical interns. Group members better understood the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services after visiting these sites.


Q&A with Eelke de Gelder, Global Health Tutor, Maastricht University

Q: What can students learn from the Symposium?
A: One of the things to learn from this experience is to see how things can be different from the reality. How the society and health systems function and how we collaborate and that's not necessarily the only way to go. There are different ways to look at the world. Global Health professionals should be able to shape the society without compromising the environment.

Q: What changes have you noticed between the present Symposium and the previous ones?
A: see amazing energy, motivation and lot of positivity this time compared to the previous symposiums.

Q: How has your experience with the Symposium been so far?
A: Really good. I am enjoying seeing everyone again, especially the foundation group members. The highlight of the Symposium is to see the people you worked with and it really reminds me of the fact that in the online setting it’s tough to understand and get to know each other. It’s really surprising to see people in real life and also a lot of fun.