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Experiential learning takes Global Health student beyond borders

Area around Accra, Ghana

Area around Accra, Ghana (Photo by Shivani Shah).

November 30, 2018

After finishing her undergraduate program in Life Sciences here at Mac, Shivani Shah wanted to move away from the microscope and see the bigger picture: how health is affected, not just by disease, but by politics, economics and social conditions.

So she enrolled in McMaster’s MSc in Global Health program – 12 months of intense study that combine multiple disciplines, international partnerships and opportunities for travel. Now a dentistry student at Western, Shah reflects on her experience in the program.

On how growing up in Canada shaped her views on healthcare

I grew up in Toronto to first-generation immigrant parents from India. I was privileged to grow up around a lot of family members who worked in healthcare and, over time, being in a profession where empathy and a sense of caring was valued became very important to me. Hearing my parents’ stories about growing up in India made me realize the stark differences in healthcare systems worldwide, and I knew I wanted to learn more. Being curious about the world around me meant a natural next step was to study Life Sciences at McMaster. Read the full article in McMaster Daily News