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Spotlight On: MSc Global Health Student Logan Turner

Spotlight On: MSc Global Health Student Logan Turner

MSc Global Health program student Logan Turner.

September 20, 2017

After studying political sciences at the University of Ottawa, where he worked part-time for his local MP Patty Hajdu, Logan Turner was ready to pursue his passion to study global health.

“I applied to this program because it offered the greatest quantity and quality of experiential learning opportunities,” says Turner, who started the MSc Global Health program earlier this month.

Turner brings to the program solid international experience, having participated in several international projects: he’s helped build a school in Kenya, acted as a Junior Team Canada Ambassador on a trade mission to Peru, and worked on a sea turtle conservation project in Bali.

“These experiences have allowed me to gain a greater insight into different cultures and worldviews,” he explains.

Originally from Thunder Bay, Turner hopes to explore critical global health problems facing populations here in Canada. Specifically, he wants to learn more about the effects of climate change on Indigenous people living in Arctic regions.

“These are people with unique, strong relationships to the land that we all live on,” Turner explains. “With climate change wreaking havoc on the land and ways of life in northern, Arctic areas of the world, I’m interested in learning about the impacts of these changes on the mental health of these communities,” he says.

McMaster’s partnership with University College of Southeast Norway provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with these very issues.

Understanding that solving complex real-world health problems starts with collaboration, Turner is excited to be working together with peers from different cultural and academic backgrounds – and, of course, taking advantage of the exchanges on offer.