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Global Healthcare Knows No Boundaries, Says Global Health Student Judah Batist

Global Healthcare Knows No Boundaries, Says Global Health Student Judah Batist

MSc Global Health student Judah Batist.

May 24, 2017

Having completed his undergraduate degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Judah Batist started the MSc Global Health program armed with a solid understanding of the various pathogens and diseases that have historically threatened the state of human health. But the program, he explains, required him to contextualize this knowledge and explore in depth the confluence of factors at play when it comes to diseases and their impact on public health, both locally and globally.

Today, Batist, who hopes to one day balance a career as a clinician and researcher, feels more confident than ever about the prospect of entering the global health workforce. Hands-on experiences like the global health learning symposium in Manipal, and his teamwork with international peers, have equipped him with valuable skills that will serve him well in a career setting. “The program has taught me that by being persistently aware, collaborative, and critical of the global and local state of human health affairs, we can empower ourselves and others to aid in the plight of those marginalized,” says Batist.

Reflecting on one of his most memorable experiences from the program, Batist describes an evening in Manipal, when he and his fellow group members from the infectious diseases cluster gathered at a beach to watch the sunset: “I had the opportunity to sit and discuss life outside of the symposium with this diverse body of students. And in this facet of the evening, in this particular space, I was able to network and befriend a number of students from around the globe that may one day be direct and close colleagues.”

This experience, says Batist, affirmed his decision to pursue a degree in global health and his passion for making a difference. “Although we come from diverse walks of life, the connections fostered reminded me that global healthcare knows no boundaries and that intercultural learning and mutual understanding are so critical in tackling global health challenges. This is part and parcel of why the global health program is so uniquely exceptional.”