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Global Health Office Continues to Build Bridges with Institutions in Japan

Global Health Office Continues to Build Bridges with Institutions in Japan
From left: Professor Ikeda (Graduate School of Nursing, Niigata Seiryo University), Dr. Hiroshi Suzuki (Vice-President, Niigata Seiryo University), Professor Michael Ladouceur (Global Health, McMaster University), and Associate Professor Nakane (Nurse Management, Niigata Seiryo University)

August 29, 2016
This month, the Global Health Office hosted two delegations from Japan. The purpose of these visits was to exchange ideas, explore opportunities, and advance participants’ knowledge of graduate nursing and health science education at McMaster. 
The first visit, which took place August 17, welcomed two professors – one from Tokyo University of Information Sciences, representing the School of Nursing, and one from Bunkyo Gakuin University, representing the Faculty of Health Science Technology.
Then from August 25-26, a delegation from Niigata Seiryo University visited campus to learn about Masters degree courses in Nursing at McMaster. The visitors were specifically interested in nursing management, administration, and neonatal courses at the graduate level as well as the role of the nurse educator.
"We have learned a great deal about McMaster's education system and research work, and it will inform our future plans,” said Dr. Hiroshi Suzuki, from Niigata Seiryo. “The global health program is critical for tackling global issues, and we were excited to hear about the many career pathways available for nurses.”
Andrea Baumann, director of the Global Health program and director of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre at McMaster, said, “We are committed to strengthening ties with research and graduate programs in Japan. Forging connections, sharing information and creating opportunities for exchange are critical to the success of the Global Health program and to global health in general.”