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Oct 16 &17 - 31st Anniversary Conference of the Magna Charta Universitatum

October 16, 2019 to October 17, 2019

Each year, the Magna Charta Observatory organizes an international conference. This year’s conference will be held at McMaster on Oct. 16-17, 2019 and will focus on academic freedom and the responsibilities universities have for helping to achieve the UN SDGs. The Magna Charta Universitatum (MCU) – signed by 800+ university leaders worldwide – is a document containing principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy as a guideline for good governance and self-understanding of universities in the future. In association with Universities Canada and global associations, the conference will inform the development of a new Magna Charta Universitatum to reflect the changes and challenges facing universities.

On October 17, the Magna Charta Observatory, the University of Bologna and the McMaster University will host the Ceremony for the Signing of the Magna Charta by universities committed to the principles of the Universitatum.

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