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International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute

The International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute is an educational event organized and offered annually by the GHO. It provides faculty from around the world with an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn about McMaster's educational methodologies. The Institute engages experts in curriculum development, student evaluation, online learning, and faculty development.
For over a decade, the GHO has welcomed participants from more than 24 institutions across 16 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, South Korea, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil and Denmark. Most participants are educators responsible for curriculum and educational planning and represent various disciplines such as medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical science, scientific journalism, and midwifery.

The 11th International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute

The 11th International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute welcomed visitors from Thailand’s Praboromarajchanok Institute for Health Workforce Development (PIHWD), Ministry of Public Health (MPH) to participate in an intense two-week program. The institute’s main focus, was on innovations in education, health services, and community settings. New additions to the program included the exploration of indigenous health, large group innovations, and human resources in health research and global health.